How It’s Done

Just call us, make a brewing time and we’ll help you with the rest.

1. Choose

Gather a mate or two (or hoard it all for yourself) come in and consult our list (see Beer Menu). With 225 on offer, choosing isn’t as easy as you think, but if you have a favourite brand, from here or overseas, chances are we’ll have something very close to it.

2. Measure

Our staff will give you your recipe sheet and help you measure out the ingredients. Don’t worry – it’s easy – and our staff can guide you through the process, or do it all for you while you relax!

3. Brew

Head over to your designated brew station and participate as your ingredients are added to the kettle, or just kick back and enjoy a sample. On your way out, book in for your bottling date in two to four weeks’ time (depending on type of beer).

4. Bottle

Your beer is already chilled, cold-filtered, carbonated and ready to drink. Bring in your own bottles and save or we can supply bottles (50c each). Twist-tops and tallies are OK too! Bottles must be relatively clean (no visible nasties inside), but not sterile – we’ll sterilise them. Two can bottle a brew in about 45 minutes. If you have a keg, we’ll just fill ‘er up.

Remember – the more you drink, the less you have to bottle!

Behind the scenes

After you finish brewing, your beer is carefully fermented in our temperature-controlled fermenting room in a sterilised, sealed fermenter.

It is then chilled, triple-filtered and carbonated and will be waiting for you on your bottling day. Most lighter-coloured beers are ready to bottle in two weeks, most premium beers take three weeks and high-alcohol and most dark beers take four weeks.